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At the right is a list of the Assistant Directors of the ARRL Hudson Division. These are the volunteers with the familiar blue ARRL badges that you see at Hamfests, Club Meetings and other Ham Radio functions around the Division. These people are here to assist the Director in performing his duties. Among the Assistant Directors' responsibilities are: Gathering input from the Division membership, helping to keep members informed and providing assistance to members whenever possible. Some are also appointed to special assignments that fit their specific fields of expertise. The next time you see one of those blue badges, walk up and introduce yourself!

The links point to detailed information, so click to find out more about these hard working volunteers!

Saul Abrams - K2XA (ENY)
Gerry Agliata - W2GLA (ENY)
Steve Anderman - K2SMA (NNJ)
Joyce Birmingham - KA2ANF (NNJ)
Andy Borrok - N2TZX (NLI)
Phil Bradway - KB2HQ (ENY)
Bob Chamberlain - N2KBC (ENY)
Shirley Dahlgren - N2SKP (ENY)
Derry Galbreath - W2XT (NNJ)
Rich Gelber - K2WR* (NLI)
George Gluck - WA2WKV (NLI)
Mel Granick - KS2G (NLI)
Bill Hudzik - W2UDT (NNJ)
Roberta Keis - N2RBU (NLI)
J.P. Kleinhaus - W2XX (ENY)
Mike Kozma - WY2U (NLI)
Howard Liebman - W2QUV (NLI)
Larry Lutzak - WA2CNV (NLI)

*Contest Advisory Committee

Lew Malchik - N2RQ (NLI)
Mario Maltese - WF2T (NLI)
Dennis Mc Alpine - K2SX (ENY)
Frank Occidentale - N2ZNF (NNJ)
Diane Ortiz - K2DO (NLI)
Carole Perry -WB2MGP (NLI)
Charles Puryear - KB2PUI (NNJ)
Bob Raffaele - W2XM (ENY)
Richard Sandell - WK6R (ENY)
Andrew Schmidt - N2FTR (ENY)
Mario Sellitti - N2PVP (NNJ)
Marty Smith - KA2NRR (NLI)
Barbara Sweet - WA2KCL (ENY)
Rob Todaro - N1XL (NLI)
Norm Wesler - K2YEW (NLI)
Sid Wolin - K2LJH (NLI)
Rich Wujciak - K2RW* (NNJ)
Stan Zak - K2SJO (ENY)

*DX Advisory Committee


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