Traffic Handlers Are...

A dedicated group of Amateurs who handle (transfer and deliver) traffic (messages) for others as a free service of the hobby.

  1. Learning and honing skills to provide communications for their global neighborhood should the need arise due to civil or natural causes.
  2. Part of a social gathering of Amateurs on the air who also handle traffic for the reasons listed above.
  3. Carrying on a tradition of service to our neighbors begun in the earliest days of our hobby.

Whatever the reason traffic handling is a rewarding activity with which every Amateur should be familiar.  Few hams participate in traffic nets on a regular basis but those who do so are a very dedicated group and welcome new members.  Check into a net and try this interesting facet of our hobby.

The navigation bar contains a few aids to help you as you get started. Using the "save as" feature on your browser so you can copy them and get started as a traffic handler.

Special thanks to Pete, N2YJZ for supplying these pages!!!