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A Message from N2FF About PRB-1 In NY State!!

Help Make Ham Radio History in New York!


We have a real chance to enact a law in the State of New York that we
 believe will solve most of our “tower problems!â€

For a number of years, a group of volunteers, the Hudson Division PRB-1 Task Force, has been working to formulate the wording of the law and to find state legislators willing to sponsor the bill. Last year we were able to get a bill through three committees in the New York State Assembly before the session ended. Your letters, phone calls and contacts with your local state assemblymen and senators helped us do that. We need you to do your part again in 2001. The same bill has again been introduced in the New York State Assembly and we anticipate that in a few weeks we will have the same bill in the Senate. 

We came very close to getting the bill passed last year. This year we plan to concentrate on the NY Senate and get co-sponsors in the Assembly. Our bill, A-1565, will enable amateur radio operators to put up effective antennas without long, costly battles with their local governments to get a building permit.

We need to point out to legislators that Amateur radio operators provide an emergency communications network that is disaster-tested and robust. We provide this service free of charge to the citizens of New York, a service that would require many millions of tax dollars to replace. A key element of a radio amateur’s capability to communicate is a small radio tower but high enough to ensure effective communication.

Let them know that federal law already requires that reasonable accommodation be made for these amateur radio support structures that serve the public interest; however local town, municipalities and radio amateurs cannot easily bear the burden of resolving local disputes over what is “reasonable.†This delays replacing key elements of the amateur radio emergency network. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal, court and expert witness fees are spent annually to resolve these matters. Ten states have already enacted legislation to remedy the situation.

Therefore, it is in the interest of the citizens of New York State that there be enacted into law specific guidance regarding the minimum height below which local government and municipalities cannot restrict amateur radio antennas.

But this bill won’t become law unless you send this message and persuade your New York State Assemblyman and Senator to cosponsor or support Assembly Bill A-1565 (Tocci). You need to write letters – and invest in postage to pass the bills. Help New York hams have a chance at an effective antenna!

Write a letter. Make a phone call. Send e-mail. Do all three to make sure they get the message. Ask your representatives to co-sponsor or support A-1565

Contact your Assemblyman and tell them about the benefits of Amateur Radio to your local community, the state of New York and the nation. Also write to the important Local Government Committee Chairpersons, Assemblyman Thomas P. DiNapoli, LOB 621, Albany, NY 12248. Please send a letter or QSL card to Speaker of the Assembly, Sheldon Silver, LOB 932/CAP 349, Albany, NY 12248. Get your relatives, friends and neighbors to do the same. Please, ask everyone you know to tell his or her state representatives to support the bill. We need thousands of letters to be effective! 

When we get a number for the Senate bill, we will ask you to write to your senator, so please save a copy of the letter you write now.

Amateur Radio has a long proud history of public service. Tell your Assemblyman that we need this antenna law so that we can continue to do our important emergency communications job with no cost to the state.

Don’t wait! Do it now! Help us make ham radio history in New York State!!

The following links contain helpful information related to A-1565, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), a sample letter that can be personalized and sent to your state representatives, the assembly and senate member directories and of course the text of A-1565.

The Text of Assembly Bill 1565
Frequently Asked Questions about A-1565
Sample Letter for Personalization
New York State Assembly Member Directory
New York State Senate E-mail Address Directory
Senate District Look-up (If you don't know who your State Senator is)

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