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Many of the Amateur Radio Clubs of NLI offer License Classes to help those interested in obtaining their FCC Amateur Radio license. Classes range from the entry level to advanced. There are also classes for Morse Code. If you are interested in a class, check back here often as classes are scheduled though-out the year. Also, check out the NLI Clubs section of this site for information on a radio club near you.

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March 20

5 WPM Morse Code (CW) Class *in progress
Great South Bay ARC
Tuesday evenings 7:30 - 9:30 PM  Starting March 20, 2001
Town of Babylon Town Hall - ARES/RACES Emergency Operations Center
Contact: Walter Wenzel KA2RGI (631) 957-0218

April 28

LIMARC One Day Technician Class License Course 

A one-day license course is being offered on Saturday, April 28, 2001. This
course is designed to help you earn your Technician class Amateur Radio
license. It is a "crash course" in Ham Radio. The course will be given at
Levittown Library in Levittown, NY. Class hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM. Cost
is $20 per person. Additional expenses will include purchasing a text book
(available through you local Radio Shack for about $12) and the exam fee if
you choose to take the FCC test at the conclusion of the course of $10.00. The
Course is being given by members of the Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club
(LIMARC). There have been 5 different one and two day classes given over the
last two years with over 100 students earning their ham licenses. For
questions or to register for the course: Please send e-mail to

73, George
George Tranos N2GA
LIMARC Education Committee CoChairman