NLI Staff -
The ARRL New York City / Long Island Section.
includes the counties of Bronx, Kings, Nassau, New York, Queens, Staten Island and Suffolk.

Title -click marked text for title description Name - Call E-Mail
Section Manager - SM George Tranos N2GA

Assistant Section Manager - ASM
NYC / Long Island
New York City
Nassau County
Suffolk County

Tom Carrubba KA2D
Rob Todaro N1XL
Norman Wesler K2YEW
Len Battista W2FX
John Blowsky KB2SCS
Section Traffic Manager - STM Charles Ferrando WA2YOW

Section Emergency Coordinator - SEC
District Emergency Coordinator - DEC
New York City
Nassau County
Suffolk County

Tom Carrubba KA2D

Charles Hargrove N2NOV
George Gluck WA2WKV
William Scheibel N2NFI

Official Observer Coordinator - OOC Rob Todaro N1XL
Technical Coordinator - TC Sid Wolin K2LJH
Affiliated Club Coordinator - ACC Phil Lewis N2MUN
Bulletin Manager - BM Michael Christopher W2IW
Public Information Coordinator - PIC
Eastern Long Island
Western Long Island

Roberta Keis N2BRU
Diane Ortiz K2DO
State Government Liaison - SGL ** OPEN **  
Contact for Club Speakers Diane Ortiz K2DO
NLI Web Administrator Tom Carrubba KA2D

March 20, 2001

NLI Staff Telephone Directory

George Tranos N2GA 631.286.7562
Tom Carrubba KA2D 631.422.9594
Rob Todaro N1XL 718.763.5021
George Gluck WA2WKV 516.822.2659
Bill Scheibel N2NFI 631.929.0126
Diane Ortiz K2DO 631.286.7562
631.843.4872 - Weekdays

April 15, 2000