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NEW! Please Help Support New Jersey State Assembly Bill A-1593
Modernizing the Laws Concerning Amateur Radio Call Sign License Plates

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Welcome to the WWW page for the NNJ section of the ARRL Hudson Division. This site contains information useful to Amateur Radio Operators in the Northern NJ area.

The NNJ Section of the ARRL's Hudson Division includes a 12 county area in New Jersey's northern region.

  • There are many ham radio clubs in the NNJ section. They hold regular meetings and are eager to welcome new members to their ranks. Many have licensing classes including those for beginners and even more offer license examinations. 
  • Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES): The NNJ Section has a Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) and each county has a District Emergency Coordinator (DEC). The SEC coordinates with their counterparts in adjacent sections in case of natural or man-made disasters. SKYWARN, a joint program between the National Weather Service (NWS) and Amateur Radio Emergency Service, trains radio amateurs to observe and report severe weather conditions. This allows radio amateurs to assist the NWS to warn the public of weather-related threats to life and property.
  • Many NNJ Clubs hold regular events like hamfests including ham flea markets, booths manned by ham radio equipment and software manufacturers' representatives and informative seminars. Often, exam sessions are also available to obtain new licenses or upgrade existing licenses.
  • The Section Leadership consists of the Section Manager (SM), the Section Traffic Manager (STM), the Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC), the Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC), the Public Information Officer/Bulletin Manager (PIO/BM), the Official Observer Coordinator (OOC), the Section Government Liaison (SGL) and the four Assistant Section Managers (ASM's)

Last Modified: Feb 17, 2001
Administrators: Mark Ellis N2WZB,