About ENY

The ENY Section of the ARRL's Hudson Division includes a 15 county area in New York's Hudson River valley.      The section extends from Warren County in the north to Westchester County in the south.  Many active ENY clubs hold regular meetings and are eager to welcome new members to their ranks. These clubs vary in size from a dozen or so members to several hundred.  Many of these clubs sponsor licensing classes including those for beginners and even more offer license examinations.

enycolor-thumb Here is a map of the ENY Section with links to other sections in the Hudson Division. 

The Section Leadership consists of the Section Manager (SM), the Section Traffic Manager (STM), the Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC), the Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC), the Public Information Officer/Bulletin Manager (PIO/BM), the Official Observer Coordinator (OOC), the Section Government Liaison (SGL) and several Assistant Section Managers (ASM's).  To learn who the current ENY Leaderhip is and how to contact them, visit the  "Staff" section of this site.

The ARES structure in ENY is organized such that each County has an Emergency Coordinator (EC).  Four district EC's coordinate with their counterparts in adjacent sections in case of natural or man-made disasters. The SKYWARN program, a joint National Weather Service (NWS) and Amateur Radio Emergency Service program, trains radio amateurs to observe and report severe weather conditions.  This allows radio amateurs to assist the NWS to warn the public of weather-related threats to life and property.  To learn who our Emergency Coordinators are, visit the "Disaster Preparedness" section of this site.

Many ENY Clubs hold regular hamfests which include used ham radio equipment bargains, software, manufacturers' representatives and informative seminars. Many of the hamfests also offer exam sessions, providing opportunities for new licenses and upgrades to existing licenses.  We encourage everyone to learn more about their local clubs and to actively support their activities. To learn more about clubs in ENY, visit the "Clubs" section of this site.

The ARRL National Traffic System serves an important role in training operators to be effective net controllers and in passing concise, accurate messages throughout ENY and the world.  To learn more about NTS Net activity in ENY, visit the "NTS" section of this site.